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DIY Milk Money Wallet _ recycle milk cartons

Saw this project and wanted to finish my milk carton real quick :)

They have step by step instruction and even a video. So I stole the template, printed it out…

cut and taped both sides together, then got to work

15 mins later…

I know it says 1 hour but the whole project really doesn’t take that long.

Now, just a few thoughts:

- The milk carton is not easy to cut…it’s thick! So be really patient and watch out for your scissors. Cut slowly. 

-Score all the score lines really really well before you fold otherwise you’ll crumble the carton instead of making nice creases

- Set your carton standing upside down to empty out all the liquid before cutting into it…[I gotta go change my shirt and wipe my table - ‘nough said]

Did you empty out your milk carton yet?

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