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New boots from Report. My first pair of brown boots as I always go for black shoes!  These are comfortable and great for days that I don’t wear my riding boots. NY is freezing! What do you think? Do you like them? Is it cold where you are?

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Which color, you guys, which color?

Don’t you think these shoes are awesome? 

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Meet Mandeline! She’s a perfect 2 toned Mary Jane pair of heels that I won’t get because NY is freezing! :-/

(Source: solesociety.com)

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More nude flats! :-) Can’t help it.

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Ciao Bella

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Loafers as weapons

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DIY Red sole heels using Wet n Wild Nail Polish on a pair of Shoemint pump :-)

I have a how to video here. Enjoy!

Check out Shoemint here

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My first pair of @and possibly my favorite wedge of all time. Supper comfy and I feel so tall wearing them :-) #shoelove

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Yup, it’s Shoemint!

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DIY Metal capped ballet flats tutorial

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DIY Metal-capped Ballet flats

Hey guys, 

I have another DIY project for ya!

Look how cute these flats are! 

Such an awesome trend for this Spring! I found these adorable and oh so expensive ballet flats online and of course I felt like DIY-ing instead of buying :)


Otley cap-toe leather ballet flats



Whirl glitter and suede ballet flats



Metal-capped watersnake ballet flats $650

I have this pair of faux snake skin flats for a while now. They’re a gift from my best bud :-)

Add some gold metallic spray paint and they’re right on trend:
Not bad eh? :-)
I recorded the process so I’ll have a video tutorial up soon, but you get the gist, right? ;-)
Happy weekend to you my friends!
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Love but a little expensive for me :-/

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Magazine cut-outs - Hello Lover!

If you watched Sex & the city (last episode of season 4), you’d recognize this one! :-)

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