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March Ipsy/ Glam Bag unboxing!

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Getting close to 1000 subscribers (well, close enough :)). I’m so excited! I will have a big give-away once it hits 1000. What do you guys think I should do? It’s never too early to start thinking about what I should do to thank my awesome subscribers. My channel is a mix of DIY projects, nail art, cooking, sewing, paper crafting… I wanna be able to have prizes that everyone will love! 

So, please give me your suggestions, who knows, I’ll end up using your idea and giveaway something you want! ;-)

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Have you gotten your Ipsy/Glam bag this month? I did an open box video for you yesterday, check it out here.

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December 2012 Ipsy/Glam bag unboxing 

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July Myglam Bag. Pretty impressive eh? :-)

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Some more details about this month’s @myglam bag!

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April’s @myglam bag! Totally love this month’s bag. Maybe I’ll do a little detailed post on each item later.

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Feb’s @Myglam’s bag

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For those who asked, this was the December/debut @myglam bag

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January @myglam bag has finally arrived. Totally worth the wait :-)

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