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A trip to Brasil? Count me in, please :)

The only piece of furniture we own from CB2 is this acrylic table that we got as soon as we moved in to our current apartment and we really adore it oh so much! 


I’m looking forward to getting a few more acrylic pieces from them. I think they’re so elegant and they’re great for small spaces because they’re practically invisible. Hence the name “peekaboo tables” :-)

Have you seen the new Novograts Brasil collection? You should, since they’re having a great giveaway going on right now. The prize is a trip to Brasil! I’ve never been! Have you? Super exciting, isn’t it? Go check it out HERE!

From the Novograts Brasil collection, I love the colorful, summery and tribal looking pillows. They scream tropical, and remind me of home in Vietnam! :)


How about these acrylic bookends? ahhh Love them!image

Anyways, I’m gonna stop enabling :-) Wishing you the best of luck! If you win, take me :-P

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Lunch date with hubbie @hakunin

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DIY Polka dots manicure while traveling

Hey guys, 

Just wanna quickly share with you this simple polka dots manicure i did while traveling. When I’m away, I only bring a 2 bottles of nail polishes with me, one neutral and one color. As you can see here, a nude pink color and emerald green. These colors go with most of outfits that i brought with me and they’re both from Brucci by the way. And when I feel like I want a playful manicure, I can combine them. This is one of those times. I didn’t even bring my dotting tool with me so I used the end of a Q-tip. You can use a toothpick, an old pen or the end of a bobby pin but I was looking for a bigger circular shape for this one. The bigger dots cover my nails quickly so I don’t have to spend too much time while traveling.

I started by placing a row of dots down the center of my nail (like how i did here- a more sophisticated polka dot design) and then space the rest of the dots accordingly. The Q-tip gives the dots a rather blotchy and water coloring look, which i like.

Hope you like it too! ;-)

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Cold Summer soup

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A different kind of Ginger ale

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