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Still one of my favorit cards to make and very appropriate for Valentine’s day. And here is a tutorial on those flowers.

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Here it is, as promised! :-)

I certainly have a lot more respect for the folks who make card making videos now. It’s hard work!

First of all, it’s not easy to set up a place where you can have camera pointing down at your work surface from the top. I have a regular Canon power shot camera that’s great for picture taking but not so much video taping. I then came up with this ridiculous set up to hang it from one of the cupboards in my kitchen and use the kitchen counter as my work surface…hehehe I’m actually pretty proud of it. Whatever works, right? ok, whatever kind of works :-)

Then, I don’t like anything about the way my hands look while making a card LOLz. I know, I watched endless amount of card making videos on You tube and they were captivating, memorizing, relaxing to watch. I find my hands look more like chicken claws. Talking about the things I have never noticed before. I started thinking my hands could totally be a huge distraction from the message I’m trying to convey. Well, there is nothing I can do besides improving my content of the video to keep your attention away from the claws :-D

The editing part doesn’t get any better. I know the video is much longer than it needs to be but I really need to work on doing things faster as well as better explaining what I’m doing. All the sudden, speech class in college becomes so useful. One interesting thing is, on “demonstration speech” exam, I actually taught my class how to make a Christmas card. I was not into making card at all back then. I just thought it was easy to demonstrate. Karma is showing me who’s boss :-)

Anyway, I should not be pointing out my weaknesses to you. You might not even notice (fingers crossed) :-) However, I would appreciate it if you can leave me some feed back so I can improve.

Thanks a lot!

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