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Swatch of Wet Wild Megalast Polish in “Bite The Bullet”. This color totally reminds me of my wedding theme color and my bridesmaids dresses.

I know I told you guys this many times but I really love the polish formula from Wet n Wild, especially this line. The consistency is awesome and every single color that I have is so easy to apply. I’m starting to get addicted to the wide shape brush. It makes nail painting a breeze. That perfect curve line by your cuticle that we all try to achieve? Piece of cake :) If you have not tried this before, just “bite the bullet” and go get a bottle ;-)

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Ambient lighting

You probably already know that I love ambient lighting :-)

We had a few engagement shots under the ambient light of Union Squares

I used about a thousand candles at my wedding to create the warm, cozy and intimate feelings. Mind you, our wedding was in the middle of winter :-) And hey, I saved money by not having to hire people to do special lightings ;-) 

So, candles were everywhere:

At the place card table (those cards were handmade by the way)…

…at ceremony site

I made these unity candles too, check them out here

Can you see the candles on the rims of the ceiling?

I think it’s totally true that everyone looks good under ambient light :-)

At home, I also want to create that warm, cozy feelings with ambient lighting and it’s so easy, I just need to light a few candles. To give it some interests, I place my candles in a wine glass…

…a vintage teacup ( I got this teacup at the flea market, it’s so darling)

…and even an empty jar I kept… You can use these jars for so many things, check out other ways of using them here

If you have a party with a theme color, you can always add some ribbons around these containers to tie in the whole theme.

That’s all it takes. I love dining with friends and families at home in the candle light. When you use different interesting objects around the house for your candles, you automatically create depth for your table setting with the different heights you get from these containers. 

Hope you like ambient lighting as much as I do…

Psst: I’m invited to do some guest posts over at my friend’s Tumblr called Knotnotes. I’ll spill all my money saving DIY projects I did for my wedding. I’ll of course let you know when those posts are up but you can always head over there and check out all things wedding :-)

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Our Engagement and Wedding photoshoots

We’ve been engaged for roughly 2 years and 4 months, married for 1 year and 4 months…but I just got my butt to picking up the digital version of my photos :-) 

So better late than never, I wanna share with you some of my favorite ones:

Happy Friday!

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I just decided to let my guests know how much I love cupcakes on my wedding day!

My wedding cupcakes got featured at Cupcakeofthe day! Woohoo!

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our Unity candle

Toward the end of the preparation process, on top of having the cold, I was rather exhausted. The idea of making everything on my own for the wedding was starting to be a little faded. My Maid of honor and I was in Michael’s craft store 3 days before the wedding searching for a set of Unity candles (2 small ones and one big one in the middle). We saw many beautiful ones but something like this costs more than 31 dollars

I even struggled finding my color. Once again i decided to make my own Unity Candles.

I bought this for $4.99:

We picked these up for 1 dollar each, they were on sale but originally they were not more than 3-4 bucks each:

here is the result:

…with some awesome photography skill, it looks even better :-)

The whole thing costs me less than 10 bucks. Can’t beat that, eh? :-)

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We r getting married under this…

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Escort Cards

After a while of playing around with different design elements, I ended up going with the simplest, fastest way of creating escort cards for my wedding. Here they are:


1/ small (trying to be green, knowing that most escort cards are being discarded anyways) 2.5in x 2.5in square shape

2/ easy to read (knowing that there will be at least a 100 of them on the table, I want to help my guests spot their cards as quick as possible)

  • The last name initial is especially larger than the rest of the name and of course the cards will be arranged alphabetically
  • Table names (yes names, my fiance and I are coming up with names for our tables out of places that are significant to us) will be written right underneath the guest’s name
  • The guests can have these tent shape escort cards at their seat as their name tags, if they happen to sit with some new people, the people can read the names from across the table

3/ All escort cards will be hand written by me :-)

4/ They’re all in different shades of purple, to add some interests…I have dark purple, wisteria and some metallic shimmering purple too

5/ You see how I put my (broken..hic hic) Corner Chomper to good use? All corners are rounded

Sorry for the crappy background…I had to get near the window to get some natural light yesterday. It was rainy and grey!

Max’s grandma gave us a beautiful box filled with many different types of tea…I kept the box and it makes beautiful container for our escort cards. This is how the cards will be transported back home. Ta da!

ok that’s it for now…Program cards and menu cards are up next. Stay tuned!

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A very productive day…

I’m super happy with everything I got done today! My check list is getting a lot of check marks.

I picked up my wedding dress…loved loved loved it, didn’t want to take it off.

I forgot to bring my head piece but I did bring my shoes to test out the length of the dress.

I really felt like a bride…the thought of bringing the dress to Antigua to secretly wear it everyday after class crossed my mind!! :-P

Then I came home, made a complete mess out of my living room to make the cupcake stand and the ring pillow

Here they are:

I hope you enjoy my little presentation :-)

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Dreaming of a candlelit winter wonderland wedding…

I’m sitting in a freezing class room in the middle of a 90 degree tropical island in the Caribbeans and I’m dreaming of a beautiful winter wedding. The snow are falling outside the window, but behind the frosted glass window, the room is glowing in ambient light of more than 288 lavender candles…

This picture better comes together given the fact that the order is placed :-)

I leave the rest to your imagination and i bet you my dream of a candlelit winter wonderland wedding will come true (like i said, the order is already placed) ;-)

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So this is pretty much it…my wedding ring!
I think it’s gonna go really well with my engagement ring

So this is pretty much it…my wedding ring!

I think it’s gonna go really well with my engagement ring

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A little break from Med school soon!

Leaving to go home for a week this month… Exams are coming up but I can’t help thinking about the trip so much during my day!

To do list during this trip:

1/ Engagement photo-shoot

2/ Wedding photo-shoot

3/ Pick out the tux for the guys

4/ Work on centerpieces

5/ Test out of cupcake idea for the wedding cake

6/ Test out 700 different craft supplies i ordered from all over the place

7/ Make seating cards

8/ Making program cards

9/ Make menu cards

10/ Pick up my wedding dress …man, i wanna scream!!!

11/ Get wedding bands for both of us

12/ Make the ring pillow

13/ Alter the dresses and make sashes for the flower girls

14/ Make head wreaths for the flower girls

15/ Final music practice for the performances on the wedding day

hummm….anything else?

I’m gonna need help from my MOH and bridesmaids to keep track of all this…Nonetheless…can’t be anymore excited about all this…

I wanna:

1/ Eat the fatty, greasy general Tso chicken

2/ So go the Craft store…again…i know…

3/ Be able to document all my DIY projects and share them!!!!

Stay tune…

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