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I’m still tumblring…

…just a little but here is a big update after such a long time!

So we’re married…here is proof :-)

I promised to share some cards i made for the groom men…here they are:

Program cards :-) I know i should have shared them with you before the wedding but I really didn’t have any time

I will share more pics from the wedding as soon as I get my hands on them :-) I will soon resume my normal schedule :-)

Hope everyone had a great holiday season…New Year is coming up, wishing everyone a wonderful celebration and an awesome coming year!

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We r getting married under this…

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The tux hunt yesterday was rather…adventurous! it rained cats and dogs almost the whole day. We drove around in a car but still had to walk. It seems like we got something done but we still don’t know for sure until much later!

Yesterday, I talked about how my card making/scrap booking has to stop since I don’t have any supplies at home…Today, my Heroarts order arrived. My very first Heroarts products. Ugh…I want to use them soooooo much! These stamps are gorgeous. I don’t have any acrylic blocks here :-( oh well.

Today is dedicated to visiting grandparents, aunts and uncles…and cousins. Hopefully I will get to say hello to everyone. Then shop for papers to complete the program cards! yay!

Hope everyone is having a great day!

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Happy Birthday to my love!

Made this card for my honnie on hid BD!!

I flew back home today but didn’t tell my family so I surprised them…again. So glad to be home! NY is cold but i never felt better!

Hope my honnie had a wonderful birthday! We’re celebrating it with our friends tmr. Can’t wait!

Oh btw, I’m home now so card making will have to be placed on hold. I will post a few cards that I haven’t shared with you yet but from now until after my wedding you will see more posts on random things than strictly scrapping and card making. Sorry about that! You’re more than welcome to follow me around as I put together odds and ends for the wedding!

Our wedding day is getting closer and closer, Dec 26! At some points, I get super excited thinking about it. Other times, I feel like I would feel so relieved after it’s all done. The stress of planning got to me I guess. Sometimes, I even wonder if I can pull off the wedding at all…or it’s gonna suck real bad? I guess you never know until it actually happens.

Tomorrow is tux hunting day! Will let you know how it goes. Then dinner with friends in the evening! Should be a long exhausting but fantastic day! Good night everyone! Oh, and hope you like the card!

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