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It’s rainy in NY today but we can still put some bright colors on our digits :)

I called this my “Spring Bohemian watercolor manicure”

Video tutorial here

Supplies used:

Wet n Wild Megalast - On a trip

Sally Hansen Extreme wear - White on

Sinfulcolors professional - Rise and shine

Black striper polish

Nail art rhinestone wheel

Out the door topcoat

Have a great weekend!

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Fashion inspired Spring Flowers Manicure- Video tutorial is here

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Swatch of Sally Hansen polish in “Forsythia”. It’s hard to imagine forsythia when all the trees outside are bare but… hey, you have it right there on your nails :-)

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Love this yellow polish from NYC, so bright, so cheerful!

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I got rid of the sloppy looking sporty buddies and added some sparkles :-) What do you think? Better? Compare with the original designs here

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The Dark Knight Rises inspired manicure

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Circus by Andrea’s Choice Nail Polish Review

Hi everyone, 

I have a review for y’all! Is it too early to review a product line that’s not even out yet? :-) I’m just practicing my right as a Glammie. This month’s Myglam bag let us get first dips on this new nail polish line created by Andrea’s Choice. Let’s take a look.

One coat

two coats

three coats

Just a visual comparison with 2 other yellow nail polishes I own. 


  1. Summersault is a gorgeous color. You know I love bright, sunny yellow color on my nails/ clothing…Look here, here, and here for proofs :-).
  2. Fast drying (even with 3 thick coats)
  3. Cute packaging. The polish came with a circular outer container which is whimsical and quite sturdy. I think it would be great for traveling if you want to tuck it in between your layers of clothing it would help prevent breakage and spillage. For now, it’s just sitting there…Do you think this will be the packaging for the polishes when they come out in the Fall? (more on packaging in the cons section)
  4. Inspirational concept - Life is a colorful circus
  5. Each chip-resistant shade is vegan, cruelty free and free of Formaldehyde, Toluene and DBP.” I like this!
  6. Is it long wearing? I will update you on this so stay tuned. 


  1. The formula need some tweaking. It is not easy to apply. I love nail polishes. I love painting nails but this nail polish is not enjoyable to apply. The brush shape is okay but some how it drags the polish with every stroke. Maybe because the formula is a little too sticky? The tips of your nails always end up with thicker polish when the areas near the cuticles are being striped of polish by the brush. You can see what I mean in the picture.
  2. Need 3 coats to look opaque. This is not because the polish is sheer. The consistency is creamy and opaque but it lacks the ability to provide full coverage.
  3. You can see in the picture that the Circus polish bottle is as large as the sinful colors bottle but has less product (Circus is 0.45oz and sinful colors is 0.5oz). The glass bottle is heavy, substancial and maybe a little wasteful ? Notice the large layer of solid glass at the bottom as well as empty spaces all around the 4 walls of the bottle. I think that the design does make the polish stand out but I don’t see much of a functional purpose. Although the price of the polish is not available to discuss, I can’t help but wonder if I want to pay for the actually product or the non functional packaging?
I would like to congratulate Andrea on her success and I hope that she will find this review helpful in improving her nail polish line.
I know many of my readers are nail polish junkies and I’m sure many of you are also Glammies ;-) I would love to hear from you. Tell me what you think? Is there anything I miss?

Let me know if you’d like to see more product review. Thanks

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"You make me happy when skies are gray"…

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Love but a little expensive for me :-/

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I just decided to let my guests know how much I love cupcakes on my wedding day!

My wedding cupcakes got featured at Cupcakeofthe day! Woohoo!

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